You Must Own Your Name

nameThe absolute first rule of Attraction Marketing is to own your name and the brand it represents. You can have a personal brand by design or by default. Its your choice.

 You must own your name on the Internet. You can buy your name as a .com, .me, .net and others from GoDaddy for about $10 per year. That is a branding bargain and one you cannot afford to skip. If you have a common name and your name is already sold, you can try to buy it from the person who has it (not likely although you may discover a long lost relative this way). Or, you can include a hypen, a middle initial, or both The .com domain will cost slightly more than the .net, .me or .info domains but it is worth it.

Once you own the domain for your name, work on getting it into the #1 slot on Google and Yahoo’s search engine. When I first started on the Internet my Twitter link, LinkedIn link and Facebook link were all listed before my domain name in the search results. That’s because these pages had existed for several months or years and time is one of the factors in search engine rankings. I set about building backlinks to the site. Each of your social networking sites provides one backlink. Do signup for the ones you don’t belong to just to for the backlinks. I use a service called OnlyWire.

Why is all this so important? Because most people will Google your name before contacting you to start a business relationship. Whether they pick up your business card, read an article of yours or hear your name on the radio, you are a stranger. The quickest way to get the scoop on a stranger is Google. What’s the good? What’s the bad? Don’t let a small claims court case about pirated cable TV be what they find. Flood the Internet with good things about you and bury that experience on page 20 forever.